Intern Outfit

I meant to write a post about this a while ago, and maybe I still will, but I'm currently a fashion intern. It is an interesting time in my life, having stopped acting and having to start at the bottom in a new industry. The long and short of it, though, is that I'm happy and I'm enjoying my life again. The absolute, greatest, bestest part of it all is that I can wear whatever I want; a constant grievance of mine while acting was that I never felt I could express my style when I was auditioning, and certainly not in rehearsal unless the outfit also happened to be in character (or functional to dance in or whatever). But as a fashion intern, I can express myself.

There are some outfit requirements, though. None imposed by my employer, but ones that I've figured out myself. (And oops... maybe this should go in my Unsolicited Advice section.)

1) Comfortable shoes are a must. I'm usually walking around the garment district all day, making pickups and deliveries, checking samples, buying trims, etc. Being on my feet is crucial, so heels are definitely out.

2) Pockets help. I carry a list of tasks in my pocket, and am always writing new ones down that my boss texts to me, crossing off the ones I've done, and making notes for myself. Also in my pocket is my cell phone and a pen. It's just super handy not to have to open my purse when I need to check a text or remember what style number I'm supposed to be finding care labels for.

3) Dressing for the weather is vital. When I first started, it was freezing outside and sometimes snowy. So obviously a warm jacket was a must, but I couldn't layer too much because I was constantly in and out of buildings and then I would get sweaty, and then I would be even colder when I went outside. Now that it's warmer out, I can be comfortable and layer free.

4) Try to stay within the style of the brand. I feel that it's respectful to whatever brand you are working for to represent them. I can't take this too seriously, because I don't actually own that much clothing that's close to the style of the brand, but I try. But let's say I worked for an older, very established company, I would dress a little bit sleeker, more sophisticated. If I were at a young, hip, quirky brand, you KNOW I'd go all out with my style. But where I am now is a "luxury lifestyle" brand, that happens to have an easy-going, understated elegance. It's a relatively new brand, and most of the people that work there are in their early 30s, I think. So for me, that means that I can wear anything I'm comfortable in, while staying away from holes in my shirt, or my bra showing, or looking sloppy. So yeah, basically just don't look like a slob.

So, within these self-imposed guidelines, it has been a fun little challenge getting dressed every morning for both function and style.

Shirt: American Apparel // Jumper: The Vintage Twin // Shoes: Sam Edelman